Friday, July 30, 2004

What to do Friday night.

You may have heard some buzz about the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle starring John Cho (the guy from American Pie 1&2) and Kal Penn (Kalpen Modi, the guy from Van Wilder). It's set in New Jersey, and it's about two guys who get the munchies and their adventures as set off for White Castle. Ebert and Roeper give it "two thumbs up. I had a few chances to see it in various advance screenings, and also when it was at the L.A. Film Festival, but I kept missing them. I was lucky enough to finally see it last night at a pre-screening event at the WB lot. I didn't think that I'd find a slapstick/gross-out/stoner comedy funny, but I actually found it to be pretty clever and well-written. Of course, I will admit I am biased because I am within one degree each of John Cho (yes, this John Cho) & Kal Penn, but regardless, if you are looking to watch a comedy this weekend, take a shot at (check their xanga sites). And of course, if you're in L.A., you can check out the temporary White Castle on Sunset Boulevard which is giving out 1 free burger per person, per day until August 11 to promote the movie. P.S. - I have some Harold and Kumar freebies, if anyone is interested... P.P.S. - You can win your own private screening by entering the Harold & Kumar Look-alike Contest, check the Harold & Kumar xanga sites for more details!


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